ANALOG Art Photography in Limited Edition Framed Prints

Experience your favourite Salzburg memories again with these one of a kind artful reminders. Available in a limited edition of only 21 Framed Prints,

Pia Clodi's eye and vision for the Mozart's birth place speaks to home decorators, artful travellers and designers alike.

from 360.00

Bespoke artistic photography prints curated by Peaches&Mint’s Pia Clodi. Experience baroque Salzburg and the crown jewel Hohensalzburg Fortress, a pillar of steadfastness, beauty, and mystery. Delicate and soft yellow tones balance out the vibrantly colored still waters of the Salzach River. This fine art photography print is available to delight your home or office, it comes with a wooden artbox frame and available in different sizes.

This Limited, signed Edition is available only 21 times. Signed by the Artist.

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Wall Art makes you feel at home and "away, but still at home" is also the motto of our partners Heym Collections in Salzburg. Stay in their one of a kind "Townhouse Nora" furnished with over 80 images of the signature Salzburg Collection by Pia Clodi.


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