Photographic Wall art 

Now you don't have to wait any longer until you're getting married to furnish your home with this bespoke analog photographs.  

Experience your favourite Peaches&Mint photography with these one of a kind artful walls. Available as framed prints. Pia Clodi's eye and vision for the worlds speaks to artisan home decorators, travellers and designers alike.



Visit our Artful Salzburg Hosts


Art inspires and covering your walls with stunning analog photography and memories of your favourite places will makes you feel at home. Motivated to give their guests an incredible feeling of home although on the road our partners Heym Collections in Salzburg have set the bars high. Their artful apartments in the heart of Salzburg are paying tribute to their motto "away, but still at home" and are furnished with love for design & details. 

Stay in their one of a kind "Townhouse Nora" furnished with over 80 wall art images of the signature Salzburg Collection by Pia Clodi.