I have traveled the world with my camera and of all the things I’ve learnt and the wonderful people I have been fortunate enough to meet it is truly this that has made me happy: Fill your life with amazing people and when the time comes (there’s always a good time) invite them to celebrate with you! Be passionate about your adventures, your love doesn’t need to have limits, nor does your imagination. Put all the joy you can muster up into your days - and don’t forget, no amount of photos will make those memories be ever more fantastic than if you are all there and enjoying it!

I have been fortunate to capture some of these truly unforgettable celebrations and moments which, just by thinking of I get goosebumps. I do so on analog cameras only. They make you a better photographer, more in the moment, not the screen. They make your focus razor sharp and remind you to do everything that you can in camera not in postproduction. But most of all, they render what I want to call “the soul” differently: When a digital camera takes a picture it artificially adds in the missing pixels, the film roll actually reacts to the light which is emitted by the object. I think I prefer to be light rather than pixels (maybe we all end up as pixels in the end, but it is good to know that once we were light) and I believe it has also done good things for my clients.

xoxo Pia