oh yes, thank you!

With the season coming to a calm the last few weeks, I finally got round to doing some updates on my homepage and I want to share a few snippets of my client packages this year

- saying thank you to all my darling brides & grooms, who made my wedding season 2013 so unforgetable and joyful! What a great season it was - can't wait to share a few of these stunning weddings on the blog soon!

As you may know I am a big fan of all things haptic & sensual, so I love sending these little thank you's out per mail after the wedding has taken place! This years collection included some delicious homemade rhubarb jelly and my favorite fine art prints! There's really nothing like holding one of these in your hands.. Oh I can't wait to finally order some for my newly painted gallery wall myself! A special thank you to my amazingly talented designer Josef Heigl, the guys of at the Infinite Factory and my web designer Andreas Wurbs for bringing my branding visions for peaches&mint to life so beautifully! You guys totally rock!