Feeling festive and blessed...

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved ones? I'm been really enjoying this quiet time of year, taking some time to look back at 2013 as well as all the exciting things coming up in 2014! A couple of weeks ago I got together with some of my favorite girls, Viktoria & Fiona to create a bold berry tone flower & table inspiration for you.

As you may have noticed I am a little bit of a flower addict - I really adore these precious, artful creations of nature! There are so many shades of color, forms & shapes - I just can't grow tired of them. From a photographers point of view and at weddings especially, flowers make my day every time - they can pop color into a room, add an artful gesture to a table setting or compliment the beauty of a bride like nothing else.

To be truly honest - the main reasons why I went to shoot in New York earlier this year, was the chance to work with some one of a kind floral artists over there, like Poppies & Posies, who's work just blows me away everytime. So one of my highlights 2013 definitely was meeting Fiona Seidl, the artist behind Flowerup who is based in Vienna. I instantly and utterly fell in love with her style, as did Viktoria, my dear friend and immensly talented stylist behind Lovely Weddings. Together with both of them I've been so lucky to create some stunning shoots & inspirations this past year and I couldn't feel more grateful - working with them just makes me happy dance anytime! With the year coming to an end I want to share a little festive inspiration that we created with you - maybe inspire you for New Years eve decoration or a bold berry toned wedding table setting? Let's just say - it doesn't always have to be blush tones!


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