Love is a canvas...

I am always thinking about ways to inspire my clients to frame their favorite images. To have them close to your eyes & hearts up on the walls of your home, makes those memories stay alive and become an active part of your everyday life. 

That's why today I sent out some special packages today! My 2014 clients will find them in the post shortly - it's a little, personal welcome gift, because I am already looking forward to every single wedding that lies ahead this season and to all the memories I will create for my lovely couples!

I teamed up with the talented calligrapher Natalia of milia.druckt to create this limited edition of one of my favorite quotes by Voltaire. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already noticed, that I started to learn calligraphy myself a little this year - I can only tell you it's not as easy as it looks! Receiving these beautiful, hand-drawn works by Natalia was such a joy, I really admire her art andwhat could be more deserving than a frame to hold them?