Atelier visit peaches & mint

Two years ago I took a brave step by renting a beautiful appartment in one of the many historic buildings here in Vienna. I had been doing the working & living combination for a while and dreamt of a proper workspace / office and also the possibilities of a daylight studio.

Finding it took time and so did decorating it. Over the past months I finally started to carry out some of the ideas I had on my mind. (Having been a pinterest addict for quite a while it sometimes felt that the bigger quest was selecting which inspirations to implement than actually doing it!) Choosing wall colors and furniture, where to put what, how to use the space best - I could spend days just doing that! So this is probably not the last arrangement there'll be. (And yes - I have a major thing for dried flowers, I do confess.)

Nonetheless, it really only started to come together when I finally hung up some of my pictures! Choosing and arranging frames, which pictures to print and memories to put up was such a wonderful process - you might have already seen some of it if you follow me on Instagram! Now when I open the door, this gallery wall instantly puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like not only home but inspired and blessed. It's such a reminder to be grateful of how far I've come and of my beloved friends & family, my all time heroes and supporters! I can really highly recommend having your dearest memory up on your walls, being able to look at them every day, they make me so happy and cheer me up anytime.

So welcome to peaches & mints beloved atelier, office and home - I hope that some of you will visit, you're warmly welcome to do so!


By the way - the Minolta XG9 was the first camera I bought when I started being serious about wanting to do photography. I self-developed my first negatives and really dug into the magical process of analogue photography before moving on to digital, which then seemed the only way to really make a living of it. Looking at that camera and all the things it thaught me, the path I took that has led me back to analogue photography - working with my beloved Contax645 now feels a little bit like coming home too...