Family encounters

Life has been breathtakingly exciting and positively challenging the past months, sometimes it feels like the events of three years are wrapped into a few months! Yet what drives me every day are those inspiring encounters: To work with people, to get to know their stories, see how much they care for each other. Their sense of belonging and how they are crafting something new together, like a marriage and a family - it is beautiful to witness.

So yes, I admit to really loving family session like this one with my friend & colleague Birgit Hart! I have been an admirer of Birgit's work for a while and when we finally met some two years ago she really stole my heart! I really adore her layed back attitude, style, her heartfelt laugh and of course our mutual adoration of the soul & beauty of film did the rest of the charm. We were both really thrilled when our lovely Carmencita film lab invited us to teach a workshop together in Barcelona and we all had such a rad time with this fabulous group of attendees! Seriously rocked!

I initially thought that sharing my passion for photography & film would be a way of giving, but my heads unbelievably fueled by talks, people and impressions. A special thank you needs to be said to an unbelievably fabulous group of supporters at EWPPC Cologne and my friends Carmen & Ingo for playing a major part in bringing me there!

Thankful for these soulful days!

Yours, Pia


Scanned & developed by Carmencita Film Lab.