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Spring Floral Arrangement

My biggest and luckily most inexhaustible source of inspiration is nature and the arrival of spring each year is the happiest of surprises! When I go for walks with my dog I’m in constant awe – how those grey & cold months couldn’t keep those trees from becoming green again and all those lovely plants & flowers to blossom – you can almost watch them grow with your bare eye so fast it seems to happen. (more…)


I must admit it took me a long time to understand what this shoot was really about. I had it on my mind for quite a while, actually ever since I started shooting on film the pictures became more and more visually concrete. The asthetic quality of analog film, combined with the colors of nature and traditional Austrian Tracht was something that seemed like a perfect match in my head. But that is not the whole story. (more…)

Behind the scenes video photoshoot

Today I want to invite you to come along to a very special day for me! A day that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my family & friends, who dressed beautifully in their own traditional clothes, brought their best spirit along to a very hot day and had a great time! I really am the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by such amazing folks! The shoot has been published in the stunning Hochzeitswahn “Sei inspiriert 2014″ wedding bible and I am so proud of having realized this project together with very talented people (more…)

Family Photography Austria

I’ve been collecting lot’s of moods and finally started locationscouting again, now that it’s spring and everything is starting to blossom and bloom, I’m getting itchy feet to grab my camera and get some lovely peeps in front of my camera! (more…)

The blogger behind Susanne Schuhmann

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to get someone special in front of my lense! Susanne is the woman behind Hochzeitsguide, a wonderful wedding blog that has grown to inspire brides way beyond the borders of Austria! (more…)

Fine Art Wedding Photography Vienna Austria

Here’s to some thoughts I’ve been wanting to share for a while now! There’s so much preperation and thoughts going into the big day, some start planning more than a year in advance and all of a sudden it’s there! It will be special and exciting and memorable, it will be all the things you’ve dreamed of and (more…)