The Art of Memories - Unique as The Places, Unique as the People

Life is a little analog for PIA CLODI. 

To her photography is not merely an object of utility, or just another vendor ticked off the list. A dance between moment and memory, and the unpredictabilities you come across on the way of creation - in its very own way.

 Photographing only analog, mostly medium format film and she‘s passionate to inspire people to leave the digital screen & virtual worlds to go out and seek adventures beyond 1‘s and 0’s. Fascinated by the magic that happens when light hits the silver particles on film bringing to live colours in a such a luminous, timeless & elegant way - she is certain the receptive soul will find the traces of the true, secret ingredient:


The magic that happens when we stop looking at digital screens, when we give ourselves over to the uniqueness of the moment, the people, the feeling, the soul of the moment - when we are all there.


Pia founded her acclaimed photographic label P&M in 2011.

 Shot by PM artist Rui Vaz Franco.

Shot by PM artist Rui Vaz Franco.