Unique as the moments, unique as the people
Shot by the talented Ann-Kathrin Koch

Shot by the talented Ann-Kathrin Koch

Love Stories as unique as the people


To me, wedding photography is not merely an object of utility, or just another vendor ticked off the list. This photography is meant to do much more than just archive your wedding day. A dance between moment and memory, I enjoy creating each couple’s love story - in its very own way.

 Photographing only analog, mostly medium format film and I have been very fortunate to travel the world with my camera. My analog soul loves how it brings to live colors & light so luminously and captures moods in a timeless, beautiful & elegant way. Yet actually I am certain the receptive soul will find the traces of the true, secret ingredient along the way: The magic that happens when we stop looking at digital screens, when we give ourselves over to the uniqueness of the moment, the people, the feeling - when we are all there.


xoxo Pia